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October 7, 2013


Fall Is In The Air

morning walk

Upon my arrival in Lucca there was still a hint of summer in the air. When I walked the wall in the early morning it was a little cool when I started out, but within minutes I was all warmed up. A few days later and all that had changed. There were leaves on the ground and chestnuts littered the walkway. Most walkers were wearing jackets and there was that certain scent that screamed “it’s fall”. Coming from southern California where autumn really isn’t a season, I was thrilled to experience a little bit of what was always my favorite time of year when I grew up in the northeast.


The cooler weather immediately got me thinking about cooking with autumn vegetables. When I saw this wall lined with squash I couldn’t help but dream about all the dishes I could create once I was back in my own kitchen. Maybe I’ll start with risotto with butternut squash…


8 thoughts on “Fall Is In The Air

  1. I love autumn here! The mornings are cool and misty and the days are still warm.

  2. Yes! It all changed in a matter of a day or two. We have had some fierce rain here in Montepulciano, but it is still beautiful!

  3. We are heading to Europe today…hope we have beautiful fall weather during our travels.

  4. Autumn….the best. Enjoy all the beautiful colours – on and off the plate! 😉 xo

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