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September 30, 2013


Rainy Day In Lucca

rainy day

From my morning walk…



To escaping out for an afternoon pick me up…

church in rain

To evening’s last light…

evening shot


And ending with a rainbow.


18 thoughts on “Rainy Day In Lucca

  1. Your pictures are beautiful! Italy is beautiful even when it is raining. Thanks for posting.

  2. Hello!
    We’re organizing a small blogger even in Florence. Please email back, so I can give you more information if you are interested!

  3. I think Lucca looks even prettier in the rain!

  4. Thank you for the rainy day, we here in California are about to come out of our yearly seven month drought, seven months without a change in weather becomes quite the bore. We all are anticipating the first warm drenchings which are initially quite tropical before the “Alaska Expresses” gleefully arrives from up north which means heavy coats, hats and mufflers. Another thing California lacks are good thunderstorms, every time I’m in Italy I record several, I have about two hundred hours of recorded Italian storms which takes care of my need for inclement weather…

    • Gian-I love your story! I wish I had read it before the storm was over so that I could have recoded the thunder! I grew up in the northeast where thunderstorms are not unusual and having lived in southern California for years I really miss them. Are you in the Bay area?

      • Oh, here I write you three years later!!! I’m sorry. Yes, I’m from the Bay Area. Due to health reasons I must be in Berkeley for a couple more years, but I’m not complaining, I see the beautiful “Mediterranean” bay every day along with the Golden Gate Bridge… When I need a hint of Mount Vesuvius I need only to look at magestic Mount Tamalpais, of course all the Italian fig trees and cactus brought in from cuttings do a good job of completing the picture.. For years I’d taped hunreds of hours of radio programs in Italy, there’s no need to do that anymore due to being able to listen to Italian stations on the Internet, so many of them, AND there are many 10 – 12 hour electrical storms found on YouTube. At times my nephew and his wife take me on visits to restaurants and caffes via his computer. Technology is amazing !!!!

  5. The color of the sky in ‘evening’s last light’ is beyond beautiful!
    Love the warm brick !!

  6. im with you abbie it looks more beautiful!!!

  7. I am in Lucca at the moment and can testify that Panini Girl is speaking (and photographing) the truth!

  8. Better to be rained on in Lucca than at home, right?…Tee hee!

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