September 28, 2013


Thoughts On Trash


This isn’t what I’d call a beautiful post about Italy, but I can’t help myself from writing it. Rifutti & riciclaggio-trash and recycling-it’s huge here. I thought I was a good recycler at home making sure to separate the bottles and cans from the rest of the trash. Seems like that’s just the tip of the iceberg here.

I don’t remember all the “trash instructions” from previous trips, but this time there’s been copious notes on how to to properly recycle. I’m not even sure I’ll be able to master their system by the time my two weeks are up.

The good thing is that trash is picked up almost daily. Ideally you should be using different colored bags for each type of waste, but if not you should be labeling your bags with the following:

O-organic-kitchen waste to include “used” paper towels
P-paper, cardboard
M-plastic, glass, cans, tetra pack (???)
NR-not recyclable

Have I lost you yet? For the most part it seems like everyone uses the tiny plastic bags from the grocery store to dispose of their trash. Whereas at home in the US I’ve never seen a female operating a garbage truck, here it’s not unusual to see a woman behind the wheel as it’s fairly easy to hoist those little plastic bags onto the truck.

Oh and in my last apartment the instructions said that the police can check up on you and if you aren’t complying with the right days and times you could be fined. Mamma Mia!

3 thoughts on “Thoughts On Trash

  1. Tetra Pack:

    Nice touch with female truck drivers. We need more of them here as they seem to be very professional!

  2. Thanks Gil! Oh and the trucks are so very compact to male it through the tiny streets.

  3. We are also amazed at how far behind in “recycling” we are in the US. Always love to see the veggies and “trimmings” being recycled. Surely must be that they don’t have compost piles / bins in their small apts. Hope you kept your bags all correct! LOL!

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