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September 26, 2013


Lucca Weekly Mercato

Like most towns around Italy there’s a day when a multitude of trucks and vans pull into town and sell everything from kitchenwares to shoes to underwear and trinkets too numerous to name. Here in Lucca the mercato takes place on Wednesday and Saturday mornings near the Porta Elisa on the eastern edge of town.


My first experience with this type of market was some years back in Arezzo. Being new to this weekly event I expected a giant farmers’ market with stands overflowing with seasonal produce. What a surprise that I had to walk through blocks of tables with bras, sweaters, purses and what not before I got to the small food area.

It was early spring and I came upon a man with artichokes piled high on his table and I stopped to take a photo. Luckily I got my picture before he snarled at me and said “non c’e un spettacolo”-(this isn’t a show). This was in the time before cell phone cameras and the constant barrage of people photographing everything in sight. I wonder how he would react today?


I don’t have much interest in this market but knew my friends from the UK would enjoy checking out the goods. We sauntered through the whole market and sure enough most of the food items were at the opposite end from where we had started.

food truck

No, I didn’t have a porchetta panino but I was surely tempted!


13 thoughts on “Lucca Weekly Mercato

  1. Your pictures are beautiful! I got the same reaction the first time I tried to take a picture in a store on my first trip to Italy.

  2. I always enjoy going to the mercato in Italy! It’s such a community event – everyone comes out to meander the stands. I can’t help but feel sorry for the vendors, though – what a difficult life it must be to go from town to town every single day setting up and dismantling their stands. Did you find anything good?

  3. I always have fun at the markets in Italy wherever they are. Some are so tiny. At my first ones I was advised to have the panino porchetta cause they are so good. Glad I did but that was enough. Great photos. Am saving your info for when I am in lucca next year

  4. Love love love wandering markets just like this one Janie. So much to see and I always end up wishing I had a huge household to feed so I could really bag the bargains…. enjoy xo

  5. when i come next year, iam buying everything!!!!!

  6. Are you waiting to go to the mercato centrale before having your favorite panin?

  7. Janie , I’m in Bagni di Lucca! Ill be in Lucca tomorrow. Email me! Palma didn’t tell me you were here!

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