September 24, 2013


Morning Light


Out my window first thing in the morning.

little balcony

A lovely little balcony that I pass as I walk along Lucca’s wall.



Peering down into the Palazzo Pfanner gardens from the wall.


I’m determined to walk the wall every morning before the rest of the town is up.


17 thoughts on “Morning Light

  1. This is from your window and your morning walk! How lovely!

  2. Lovely! Coming down to Arezzo this time ’round? Sto aspettando!

  3. Lucca looks beautiful – and what gorgeous vistas for your morning walk. I was amazed, though, looking at your first picture of the church and parking area because that is the parking lot we got a HUGE parking ticket in the last time I visited Lucca! We were so excited we found a parking space within the walls and we thought we were safe (I had looked at the little signs and it looked like if we parked within the correct hours we were ok, but obviously I was wrong!). I even wrote about it (Lucca lives in our memories…and our pocketbook!) It was one hefty few hours in Lucca! Enjoy your time there…and don’t park in the piazza 🙂

    • Tesoro Treasures-ouch! I’ve heard about those tickets. On our very first trip to Italy J. and I pulled off the road here in Lucca, drove right in through the wall and just parked on the side of the street. I am now amazed that we did not get a ticket! You need to come back some day and have a fabulous Lucca experience.

  4. beautiful as i remember!!!! keep those pictures coming

  5. Brings back the joy of my time with Panini Girl spring 2011. Lovely place, wish I were there with you. J and I spent most of our time in Italy during the fall. There is something about the light that makes every color you see richer, more dramatic. I also remember cold feet…….curiously

  6. Everything in the morning looks more beautiful–enjoy every minute!!

  7. Thanks for the photos. We will not grt to Lucca this fall, but it iz a city that grabs the Italian part if your heart. Davvero.

  8. Can’t wait! We love walking the wall in November each year, when the leaves are all gone, the crowds have thinned, and the weather has turned cold at night. Wish we could be there at the same time…maybe soon?!?!

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