September 21, 2013


Sono Arrivata!


Otherwise known as “I’m here!”. Yes-after a long flight to the UK and then a short one to Pisa I am here in Lucca and it feels like coming home. I am relaxing with a glass of white wine from the Lucca countryside and pecorino fresco (my favorite local cheese) from the Garfagnana. Wish you were all here with me…


19 thoughts on “Sono Arrivata!

  1. Geloso a mai finire………..

  2. I wish I were there too – it sounds like you are having a great time!

  3. Hope to join u on one of these trips! Gail highly recommends! Have a great trip!

  4. Sounds delightful…enjoy! D & L

  5. Thanks Janie. This reader certainly wishes she was there with you! Divertiti e buon appetito! xo

  6. can not wait to see all your posts on this trip—–Iam so there with you enjoy lovely Lucca

  7. Anche nostri siamo in italia…per 6 mesi in bici. Allora siamo in Ferrara, una citta’ molta bella e con una storia tanto interessante. Abbiamo visitato a Firenze dove cerchiamo per 32 plaques with quotations from La divina commedia di Dante. We found 27 f them. They were from a book I found called Dante’s Florence, published in 1933. It was amazing that so many of them remained. The book had several pages on each plaque, describing it in context of La commedia, along with telling what had happened from Dante’s time to 1933 at that location or to the families referred to. While these next two weeks are una giro da la vita di Dante, we will not get to Lucca – a town firmly entrenched in my heart We are here for 6 months, three in the north in the Fall, through 10 dicembre and then from 26 marzo a 20 june in the south, where we have never been before.

    Italy is a special place for people who can stroll, ponder, and who enjoy a good meal and uncle guido’s wine.

    • Seattle Ciclista-I want to hear all about your time in Italy. Will you send me e mail updates ( Are you still near Ferrara? There’s a wonderful little agriturismo in Runco not too far away that has wonderful food-they do dinners Thursday through Sunday. It’s called Le Occare. The owner.chef is adorable.

  8. So happy you are safe in your home away from home-look forward to posts and pics–enjoy the week with your friend!!!

  9. Just back from Milan and Stresa (on Laggo Maggiore) and finally catching up on reading – glad you made it safely to Lucca. It’s been fun reading your blog finally and seeing the pics. Which trattoria is that one in the photo?

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