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June 18, 2013


Got Vino?


My father spent a good part of the second world war stationed in Italy. He landed with his unit in Salerno and participated in the battle of Anzio. Other than that I don’t know exactly where he was but he took these photos and it gives me some comfort to know that there were days when he wasn’t in battle and was out among the Italian people.

woman wine 3

I just love the look on this woman’s face as she almost topples over! Maybe she got too close to the barbed wire that’s on the ground.



6 thoughts on “Got Vino?

  1. So precious Janie. Times were hard but life was simple and real. Grazie!

  2. Oh how I love these photos. It was a whole different era and to have photos to document the time is indeed priceless. If you have more, please post.

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