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March 31, 2013


Easters Past

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I’m happy to say that I’ve spent four or five Easters in Italy, unfortunately this year isn’t one of them. A few of those I celebrated alone in Arezzo where I was attending language school. I kept waiting for an Italian family to adopt me and take me home to partake in their celebration, but sadly I had to be satisfied with making dinner for myself. The high point of the holiday was definitely my stash of chocolate from the famous Arezzo chocolatier-Vestri.

My most memorable Easter was with J. in Venice. It was the day after his birthday and we were lamenting the less than stellar dinner that we had the evening before at a very well known restaurant. We had no plans for an Easter luncheon when J. said “let’s go to Harry’s”. It was our first visit and we were unsure what to expect. We were led upstairs to a dining room with a perfect view of the lagoon. The other tables were filled with impeccably dressed Italians having their Easter lunch. I’m sure I must have felt under-dressed but it didn’t seem to matter.

Maybe it was the perfectly cooked risotto primavera or the outstanding service or the fact that Mr. Cipriani came over and spoke to us, but it turned out to be one unforgettable experience. We went again on another visit, but it just wasn’t the same.

Happy Easter to all my friends and readers. Wherever you are today I hope your day is filled great food, friends and family.

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10 thoughts on “Easters Past

  1. I went to Harry’s once, but just for a drink. Next time in will eat there. Easter is cold and wet this year and we are all sick of it!

    • Debra-we were so lucky on that first visit to have an amazing experience. The second time wasn’t as wonderful but you know how you can’t recreate something that was just so perfect? The food was very good both times though.

  2. I have always wanted to go there! Thanks for the post!

    • Small Taste of Adventure-you should go once for sure. I haven’t been to Venice for a few years and would love to go in the winter some time when the crowds are not there!

  3. I love these reflections Janie. Italy is very good at gifting us memories to last a lifetime….

  4. We hosted Easter brunch yesterday at our house on Via Ricasoli here in Arezzo. And had “Bellini’s” in honor of Harry’s bar in Venice – where they were invented! Buona Pasquetta today!

  5. Venice has a way of creating memories that last a lifetime…I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

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