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March 20, 2013


Al Balcone

arezzo balcone

Don’t you just love the charming balconies that you see in towns all over Italy?


More often than not you’ll see plants and flowers spilling over the railings, but even this simple porch without a single bloom speaks to me.


Come along to Lucca this fall and we’ll stroll around town together discovering its wonders.


Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl In Lucca


10 thoughts on “Al Balcone

  1. I would love to go. I am a friend of Sally’s. Talk her into going?


  2. I’m a big balcony fan. You have shared some lovely photos here 🙂

  3. tell sally to wait til 2014-in the fall–and rosebush and i will all walk together!!!

  4. Would like to be standing on any one of these today! Gorgeous post Janie!

  5. Hubby has taken pictures of just about every balcony in Lucca. LOL! Is it the flowers, the colors, the actual use of the balcony-or all of this combined that makes them special?!? Or just being in Lucca that does it?

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