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February 28, 2013


Easy Winter Bruschetta


I don’t have a good bakery for bread in my town but I recently stumbled upon a beautiful loaf being sold at the farmers’ market. It’s oblong, golden brown and crusty and I can’t keep myself from tearing off a piece to nibble on as I drive home. Who cares that there are crumbs clinging to my sweater and all over the car!

This bread is great for a sandwich but even better for bruschetta. As the week wears on and the crumb firms up a little it’s time for lighting the grill and toasting bread. I’ve written about it here topped with mushrooms. This week’s topping couldn’t be easier-creamy ricotta with roasted cherry tomatoes, a dab of pesto and a swirl of olive oil. Don’t forget to rub your bread with a piece of garlic as soon as you pull it off the grill. A little sprinkle of salt and you’re good to go.


8 thoughts on “Easy Winter Bruschetta

  1. This looks fantastic, thank you for sharing. Cant wait to try

  2. This bread sounds like if would be delicious with some of your Umbrian olive oil e basta! I am feeling like a big piece right now and I’ve only just had breakfast. Happy grilling! xx

  3. Like a little piece of heaven!

  4. I can’t wait until this summer when I will have wonderful tomatoes from my garden to make this bruschetta…until then I will just dream about yours.

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