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February 26, 2013


Let’s Move In!

barga house

I wish I could say that I was moving into this house. Can’t you just see me peeking out over the flowers to see who’s knocking on my door?


Is that you bringing me a little box of pasticcini (little pastries)? You know I love the ones filled with hazelnut cream!


19 thoughts on “Let’s Move In!

  1. Looks like your kind of place J!

  2. will be moving in with you!!!! bring me a hazelnut goody too!

  3. anch’io. non vedo l’ora di ritornare a Italia…6 mesi fino allora!

  4. Ciao ragazza, If you will be in the Pienza area, you can always spend the night with us. We will be there da 1 ottobre a 15 settembre. It would be so much fun to finally meet you, and to do it in Italia. Our apt has a lower level with a sofa bed and fireplace. Carol Bergson Seattle

    • Carol-you are so sweet to invite me! I plan on being in Lucca from 9/21 to 10/5. Maybe I could take a trip down and we could meet. I’ve never been to Pienza and would love to see it-I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the area.

  5. Why, that’s MY house!!! LOL! You are always welcome to stop in for a visit. (Don’t I wish??!!). Lovely. Thanks for the Italy moment.

  6. No matter where I am, I will say “yes, I do!”

  7. Can’t wait to to be eating hazelnut pastries!!

  8. Oh, how I miss Italy. Beautiful place to dream about calling home.

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