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February 8, 2013


Arezzo Ruins


As much as I am totally taken with Lucca, Arezzo will always hold a special place in my heart. I was lucky to have chosen this charming Tuscan town back in 2008 when I first attended Cultura Italiana, a small language school located right in town.


The daily classes were always fun, but what I really looked forward to were the afternoon excursions around Arezzo and to neighboring towns. Just a short walk from Arezzo’s centro you’ll find the remnants of an ancient anfiteatro. Back in its day this amphitheater held up to 8,000 people.

more walls

It’s one of the things about Italy that never ceases to amaze me. You can never be sure what you’ll discover just around the corner.

8 thoughts on “Arezzo Ruins

  1. There really isn’t anywhere as interesting to visit as Italy because of the historic discovers…just as you say, around every corner.

  2. I am the facilitaor of a local writers group in Smithtown , Long Island, NY. I love to follow your postings and the beautiful pictures of Italy. I thought you may be interested in the fact that I used one of your photos ( a window in an alley) as a prompt for the group and some very fascinating stories were written by our participants. One writer placed the window in Paris and told an amusing tale about the attempt of a frustrated landlady to rent the tiny apartment to an American artist. I encouraged her to expand on her story and then it dawned on my that she might need your permission. So. if this is okay with you, please respond.
    June Capossela Kempf

  3. Salve, Panini Girl – from your Arezzo-based friend,

    So wonderful to see the Roman ruins through your eyes today! (And in warmer weather too).

    We live opposite the anfiteatro – on the northern end of “il centro” – just steps away from Arezzo’s gothic duomo.

    Next time you’re in Arezzo, or Italy for that matter, I look forward to meeting you!


    • Gina-I think I know exactly where your apartment is from the photo that you out on your blog a while back. I will definitely make a day trip down to Arezzo when I come to Italy and would love to meet you. I so love Arezzo!

  4. We’ve not ever visited this area, but this certaingly makes me curious to learn more and plan some time there. Beautiful!

  5. You’ve captured that quiet low sky feel I love about Arezzo, Janie. The way nature is gently claiming back the ruins is so beautiful too. When are to next going to be there? x

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