January 15, 2013


Palazzo Pfanner Re-Visited


I dreamt about Lucca last night. I think I was walking up on the wall. What a bird’s eye view of the city I had. I woke up thinking of Palazzo Pfanner. It wasn’t until my time in Lucca last May that I made time for a visit to Palazzo Pfanner.


I want to sit right here under this trellis and plan my day in Lucca.



This vine-covered building could be anywhere in Italy, but it’s on the grounds on the Palazzo. Maybe it’s used for storing mops and brooms. I don’t mind. I like it.


I like to think about all the people throughout the years who have ambled through these grounds, drinking in its beauty.

pot of lemons

Lemons are in season. I’d like to make a lemon tart. Do you think they’d mind if I picked a few?

Palazzo Pfanner
Via degli Asili 33


7 thoughts on “Palazzo Pfanner Re-Visited

  1. I agree that the Palazzo Pfanner is a must see in Lucca. Peaceful, lovely and, as my Italian friends say, “suggestivo.”

  2. You’ve made my day – thanks so much! I’m away from the US, by myself, and working in Abu Dhabi for 3 weeks (til the end of January) and P. Pfanner is one of our favorite places to sit, take in the garden’s smells and colors, and just reflect on how lucky we are to go to Italy each year. One of my favorite photos of all times is one of me and the Hubby in the garden when the lemons are in bloom, and the bees are going wacky. Good memories! Thanks for sharing this today.

    • Our Kitchen Adventures-when I was posting those photos I thought of you! I hope you are enjoying your time in Abu Dhabi. Will you pop over to Italy before you come home?

      • Thanks for thinking of me…not able to get to Italy this time on the way home. Sure tried to..but the timing just would not work. Next time!

  3. Non vedo l’ora di ritronare a Lucca! Che citta’ bellisima.

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