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January 9, 2013


Caviar Limes

caviar limes

I read about this intriguing citrus in some food magazine, but it wasn’t until my recent visit to the Santa Barbara farmers’ market that I saw them for sale. They are indeed diminutive in size, but are full of flavor. Originally found in the Australian bush they are now being cultivated on a commercial basis.

A little squeeze on a ripened lime and the little caviar-like pearls will pop out. Upon tasting them the pearls pop in your mouth and taste like a mixture of lemon and lime. The rind was also flavorful and I imagine that this fruit would liven up any number of cocktails.

close up

11 thoughts on “Caviar Limes

  1. I did a post on these a while ago. Here we call them finger limes.

  2. These are cool. Imagine they would be good in a chopped salad or even to freshen up a lime sherbet. Will have to keep my eye out for them in the market now that I know what they are.

  3. Something else I should know about but instead learnt right here on the panini girl!!! Thanks Janie. These sound amazing! xx

  4. Wow, now they are being cultivated! I haven’t notice this native limes to be that popular here though. Named caviar limes is catchy. Could be a hit!

  5. Como eu queria encontrar destes limões aqui no Brasil…também não encontro nenhum site que venda, é uma pena!

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