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December 20, 2012


Grab A Spoon-Homemade Nutella


If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time you know that I am a fool for hazelnuts. You can read about my quest for the hazelnut cake of my dreams here, here and finally the winner-here.

Combine hazelnuts with chocolate and I’m totally smitten. When I spied this recipe for homemade nutella on Emiko’s blog I knew that I would be making this for Christmas gifts. I used a food processor to make my nutella but do check out the video of Emiko making hers with a mortar and pestle. I made 4 times the original recipe which yielded 6 half pint (1cup) jars and that’s what I’m posting below. I did it in two batches and discovered that you may need a little more milk than the recipe calls for to get to a spreadable consistency.

This would be the perfect filling for a shortbread sandwich cookie or as I the title of this post says-grab a spoon!


21 oz.hazelnuts, shells and skins removed
14 oz. of good quality milk chocolate
About 1/2 cup warm milk
8 tbs cocoa powder
8 tbs powdered sugar

Grind the hazelnuts in a food processor (or if you want a chunkier style, in a mortar and pestle) until it looks like fine sand. Add the cocoa powder and powdered sugar and continue blending. As you blend, the oil from the hazelnuts should begin creating a paste. Melt the milk chocolate over a double boiler, then add to the food processor to combine. Finally, add the warm milk, just a small amount at a time or as much as you need to reach a spoonable, creamy consistency and depending on the quality of your ingredients. Transfer to a jar and if not using right away, store it in the fridge.

10 thoughts on “Grab A Spoon-Homemade Nutella

  1. I’m afraid I would eat all of this if I made it.

  2. OMG!!! Or, you could just cozy up to the bar with a big Ladle and make it ALL your very own…Hello, Hazelnut Spread…New in town? LOL! This is such a great gift idea.

  3. It certainly is easy enough to make…but that could be dangerous.

  4. Love it… nuts and chocolate, yay!

  5. Down here in Australia we eat our Nutella on toast! (Yes, you can buy it in the supermarket 🙂 ) My daughter particularly likes her toast with peanut butter and nutella mixed together (our peanut butter is a bit different to yours)

  6. Frugal First Class Traveler-I love peanut butter and that combination sounds good to me.

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