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December 18, 2012


The Winter Market


If I can’t be shopping at a mercato all’aperto (open air market) somewhere in Italy, my next favorite spot is the Saturday Santa Barbara Farmers’ Market.


Wedged in between two winter rain storms, this past weekend was gorgeous and the market did not disappoint. Even though Santa Barbara is barely three hours away from our home town, I always find a few items that aren’t available at my local market.


Take a look at these flat cabbages-I’ve never seen this variety before.


And believe it or not, this is a typeof radicchio! The sign calls it “sugar loaf”.


I love the way the farmer at this stand took the time to peel the garlic so you could see all the lovely cloves.


I was hoping to find fresh porcini, but no such luck although these mushrooms were enticing too.

Until next time I’ll have to be happy with the stash of veggies that I carried home from our weekend getaway. I have a bag of fresh fennel just waiting to be turned into a gratin.

4 thoughts on “The Winter Market

  1. How was the interesting looking radicchio? Gorgeous photos. Now that’s a farmer’s market.

  2. Beautiful post Janie. Mightn’t be as much fun as Italy but it looks a great day out!

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