December 10, 2012


Dreaming Of Siena


I’ve only been to Siena once, but we stayed for three nights and got to savor the town in the evening after the day trippers had departed. Seated in a cozy restaurant one evening we happened to look out the window and catch a Good Friday procession of churchgoers holding candles and reciting prayers as they wound their way through the back lanes.

Later that night a storm raged outside, but we were back in the room safe in our bed. In the morning I threw open the shutters expecting to see a rainy day but instead this is the view we were greeted with. There were clouds out there on the horizon but it didn’t seem to matter. There it was- the Tuscan countryside in all its splendor.

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10 thoughts on “Dreaming Of Siena

  1. Siena is one of my favourite towns in Italy, the cathedral there is truly magnificent. (Siena is spelled with just 1 n)

  2. Sienna is a lovely town to visit. Unfortunately I got to see a part that most people don’t…their hospital. I broke my foot the second day on a trip to Italy and had to pay a visit there for a cast. I’d much rather have been enjoying the wonderful view you had from your room.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful memory Janie. Three days on Siena might have flown for you but, as you say, once the tourists have departed the mood changes and time passes much more slowly somehow. Or so I found it. The colours seep in and you find yourself thinking wistfully and longingly at that little attic apartment or the casale on the horizon…..When will you be back?

  4. I had a wonderful visit to Siena as well. It really is a wonderful city!

  5. I loved Sienna, have a nice photo on my wall of the cathedral – and I remember we got lost driving through the narrow streets during some type of festa!

  6. Siena is such a picture postcard town – everywhere you turn, you can take a georgeous photo! We always love our time there.

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