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November 7, 2012


Il Forno

What I wouldn’t give for one good bakery within driving distance of my home. In Italy even the smallest towns have at least one. Unlike here in the states there are two very different types of bakeries in Italy-the forno where you’ll find a variety of breads and the pasticceria which offers sweet pastries. I’m a fan of both kinds and can barely pass one by without going in for a little something.

The forno in these photos is located in Florence and is run by a brother and sister. She’s the shorter woman behind the counter in their shop and he’s in the photo below holding a basket full of his pane (bread) making a delivery to a near by enoteca (wine bar).

One of my favorite Tuscan treats is fegato-chicken liver spread served on crostini. Imagine being able to walk into a shop and pick up a few to snack on with your evening cocktail. I think I need to move to Italy. Yes, I think it would suit me quite nicely!

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17 thoughts on “Il Forno

  1. I have just returned from Italy and this brings back such wonderful memories. True, how wonderful to be able to buy such quality for a few euros!

  2. Italian joy! Do you have the address Janie? Seriously…;-)

  3. Ah, yes…to move to Italy would indeed work for us! LOL! Let me know where, and I’ll come for a visit!

  4. Seriously, everything in that place looks amazing…I still don’t understand with all that delicious stuff the Italians are not fat!!

  5. Janie, when i look at your photos today, I said i thinki have been there and sure enough on the Food Tour we took in Florence, this was the first stop. OMG… the food was so good. Your picutres are much better than mine. When we left Florence i tried to find places just like this in other cities and could not. It was all sweet patries. All i do is think is how fast can i come back to Florence and enjoy all the great food!

  6. Sam and I revisited this wonderful bakery the day before we left Florence. Yummy treat to go with our caffe at the airport before boarding. The hardest thing to leave behind is all the wonderful, accessible food. Even flying first class is a disappointment on the way home.

  7. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how delicious everything looks! And so cheap! What I wouldn’t give to savor a crostino toscano with a glass of wine right now! Yum! I loved the photos in this post! 🙂

  8. If we only had just one or two of the wonderful bakeries that specialize in bakery products here at home. We just have to keep dreaming or traveling.

  9. Mmmmmm Italian food is so great…

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