October 24, 2012


Hand Pie Craze!

Earlier in the year I came upon two young women setting up a new booth at my farmers’ market. I was curious to see what they were offering and was thrilled to see that it was “hand pies”. They offer both sweet and savory, but it was the savory ones that sparked my interest. I recently wrote about not being a huge pie maker, but hand pies, well that’s a different story.

I was first drawn to these diminutive treats at London’s Borough Market. They were filled with pork in a flaky crust and ever since then I’ve been trying to find a recipe to recreate them. Over the weekend I came upon a recipe that I thought might be what I was looking for and so I forged ahead, making the crust and then filling for a full sized pie. While the filling was bubbling away I had a revelation and realized that it was more like a simple bolognese sauce, than the denser porky filling that I was hoping for.

I hedged on whether to even make the pie, thinking that I should just throw the water on for pasta on and go that route. J., my ever faithful tester, suggested that I try the filling in a small “hand pie” and use the rest as a topping for pasta. I went with his idea and the above hand pie was the result. It was scrumptious, but the filling wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. The crust, however, was buttery and flaky and I am now thinking about future hand pies-mushroom and onion, cabbage and pork, butternut squash and sage, chilies and cheese?

I chuckled when I opened the latest edition of Bon Appetit and right in print was a tutorial for hand pies!

8 thoughts on “Hand Pie Craze!

  1. Anything surrounded by a crust sounds great to me 😊

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  2. It looks like a Cornish pasty. They’re all the rage in England. There are stalls selling them in every train station.

  3. Looks delicious…

  4. Heather-typo! I actually know that word! Thank you…

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