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October 11, 2012


The Kids Are Alright

On any given day in Lucca you might run into a group of energetic youngsters pouring through the streets on a class trip. Like kids everywhere on a day outside of the classroom, they appear to be having the time of their lives-girls holding hands and giggling, boys pushing and shoving and showing off. When I see them I always wonder what town they came from and what they are learning about Lucca. Maybe next time I should tag along and see what’s up?

I encountered this group while walking down Via Fillungo to make a visit to my favorite cheese shop-La Cacioteca. I never did figure out exactly what was going on but it looked like they were waiting for the opening of a shop selling electronic games. Whatever the reason, the excitement level was off the charts!

You should come along and see what’s up in Lucca-Spring in Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl in Lucca


3 thoughts on “The Kids Are Alright

  1. I know what you mean Janie. I just love seeing groups of colourful and cute Italian school children on their little gite around the place. I mean, Imagine growing up in a city like Lucca or Florence…. There is really so much to learn just walking around. Lovely post!

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