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October 10, 2012


Polenta Time

The weather is finally turning cooler and slowly but surely zucchini and tomatoes are giving way to winter squashes and root vegetables. A week ago I couldn’t bare to think of turning the oven on and suddenly the temperature dipped and I found myself closing windows and braising short ribs! Right then I knew it was time to whip out the polenta that I had tucked away in my suitcase when I left Lucca in the spring.

One of the highlights of the spring Panini Girl tour was our day with Heather of Sapori e Saperi. Winding our way down the mountains of the Garfagnana we ended up at one of the few remaining water mills in the area. Here we met the charming miller who was happy to show us his operation. It was fascinating to watch the corn go into the shoot and come out in its ground form that we would purchase for future meals of polenta.

I’ve made polenta countless times but nothing even comes close to the flavor and the creaminess of the polenta that I brought back from the Garfagnana. It was the perfect foil for the melt in your mouth short ribs that had been braising all afternoon in red wine. It was all I could to stop myself from finishing the whole pot!

Come along in May and join me as we discover the food of Lucca and the Garfagnana-Cook With Panini Girl in Lucca.


4 thoughts on “Polenta Time

  1. Beautiful post! Heartwarming in more ways than one….x

  2. Janine-you are so sweet! You know Heather so you can imagine what a great day it was for all of us.

  3. I love the polenta!!!

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