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October 3, 2012


Leading You Into Temptation…

Lucca in the spring time-you will love it. Come long with me and discover the charms of this lovely town in northern Tuscany.

A walk on the wall surrounding the city is spectacular at any time of day, but early morning is my favorite.

Right outside the window from our apartment you’ll find this stunning chiesa (church). Stop in and light a candle or just watch the comings and goings below in the piazza from our living room window.

Two of Lucca’s towers-the famous tree topped Guinigi Tower in the background. The other one is across from one of my favorite restaurants where we’ll dine.

This fountain is where we fill our water bottles with the best spring water alongside the locals-right down the street from our apartment.

Off to the mountains of the Garfagnana we’ll go on an excursion that will be one of your best days ever.

Do you like cheese? We’ll be right there when these farm owners will make cheese with milk from their sheep.

And guess what? We’ll be tasting that cheese too!

On our way to the Garfagnana we’ll make a stop at this famous bridge spanning the Serchio River and hear about it’s legend. Climb to the top and take a few photos-the views are stunning.

Stroll around Lucca’s back lanes and discover one incredible sight after another.

And what’s not too like about a cooking class where you’ll make your own pasta and sit down to a dinner of local favorites?

We’ll shop at the mercato all’ aperto (open air market) and buy ingredients for a meal we’ll cook together.

No trip to Italy is complete without fabulous food, one meal after another…

Make new friends, fall for Lucca and eat your way around town-Spring In Tuscany-Cook with Panini Girl In Lucca.


10 thoughts on “Leading You Into Temptation…

  1. I love to have that kind of cheese, looks really yummy! šŸ˜‰

  2. I met 4 Australians who were staying in your apartment in Lucca. They loved it.

  3. Aren’t they lucky! I love that apartment and can’t wait to be there again.

  4. Lucca is a wonderful to visit any time of the year. Love the photos.

  5. Lovely Lucca! We’ll be back in Italy in November for Thanksgiving, and can’t wait…such a beautiful city – any time of year!

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