August 20, 2012


Looking Back

My mother’s parents emigrated from southern Italy and yet we’ve only ventured south of Rome one time. It’s been seven years and that’s much too long. One night is all we had in Calitri-the birthplace of both my grandfather and grandmother- but it was long enough to spark our interest and our desire to possibly own a home there some day.

Since we were already pretty far south (Calitri is located east of Naples in the center of Campania) we took the opportunity to head over to the Amalfi Coast. It had always been a dream of mine to visit Positano and this seemed like the perfect time to incorporate this into our travels.

After a crazy and very hot bus ride from Calitri to Salerno we boarded a boat for Positano. Just writing about this brings back the feeling of elation that I had as we sailed by Amalfi on the way to our destination. The water was an indescribable shade of blue. The tiny towns tucked into the hillside hugging the coast left me with me dreams of running away and setting up a home there.

Our hotel in Positano was everything that I had hoped for, and more. I was the luckiest girl on earth with my prefect view and for me it really was a dream come true.

Up and down the hundreds of Positano’s steps we went, marveling at the views around every corner. And the food we ate-southern Italy at its best-eggplant, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and the freshest seafood, right off the boat.

Leaving this view was almost more than I could handle. Thankfully we had one more week in Italy and although we left Positano, I knew that some day we’d be back…

10 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Positano is just one of those places. It seems impossible not to come away without an indelible memory of the place, the food, even the hotel. Yours looks suspiciously like the one I stayed in years ago with my parents and brother on one of those epic trips that mark you forever….who knows if it’s not the same. Your gorgeous photos are a perfect end to my Monday Janie. Grazie. x

  2. We have not visited anywhere so. of Rome, but always have wanted to…this inspires us, for sure!

  3. Amalfi sounds perfect right now – enjoying that amazing view and sipping limoncello.

  4. As Lindylou says .. amazing view .. yes just have to have a cool drink to go with the view 🙂

    What was the name of your hotel please … I would love to head down south.. and then work my way up,:-)

  5. Would love to know where you stayed in Positano, as I am looking for a place for a couple of days in June! Love the blog!

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