August 19, 2012


Bologna On My Mind

Three months removed from Italy and all I can do is reminisce and look to the future. It’s somewhat bittersweet to look back. I remember each and every day of my time there with joy, but it’s not easy to accept the fact that I probably won’t be back there until the spring. Thankfully my cache of photos keeps Italy alive for me and the past few days I’ve been dreaming of Bologna.

Bologna is an easy city to fall for. My good friend and Bologna expert-Palma-recently asked me what I liked best about the city on my first visit there. I barely had a moment to respond when she said “it was the food, wasn’t it?” and I nodded in agreement. Yes, the food is phenomenal but there’s more to the city than tortellini. Like the rest of the country, Bologna is rich in history, art and architecture and a walk around the city will hold your interest for hours.

The buildings are rife with detail and you can stroll down just about any street and gaze upon building after building displaying evidence of this. The above photo is one of my favorites. Just look at that guy’s face! Of course I wonder who this character might be, but more than that I’m intrigued as to who might have done this work of art.

There are columns lining the portici all over the city and it amazes me that each one has its own unique design.

I miss you Bologna. Thanks for the memories…

8 thoughts on “Bologna On My Mind

  1. So did u take photos of all the good food?

  2. I have had some great meals in Bologna…..and some shockers, which really surprised me. I love the city, especially the market streets.

  3. Deep breath Janie!! Bologna is another one of those places you don’t expect to fall for but do. And it’s the architecture, as you say, as much as the big food reputation that gets you in I think. That and the colours…. It will be there ready and waiting for you another day soon I know. x

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