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July 29, 2012


Focaccia-The Real Deal

Let me thank Nancy Silverton once again for sharing the step by step tutorial for this very authentic focaccia. It’s not the first time that I’ve blogged about it, but I think it’s worth sharing again for my new readers. I’ve tried a variety of focaccia recipes over the years but this is the one I’ll return to over and over again.

There is one caveat with the preparation of this recipe-it takes time, lots of time to rise. You start the “sponge” the day before and the following day when you put it together there are four rises to the dough. You’ll need to plan on being around the house for this focaccia, but it’s worth it. My dough always seems to take a little longer to rise than the times stated in the recipe.

I’m including the link to the recipe in the Los Angeles Times. Once there you’ll have to also click on one of the recipes for a specific focaccia to get the rest of the directions on completing the recipe. I followed the basic directions and made my own version using cherry tomatoes and fresh oregano.

I do have to tell you that it was my first attempt with this fabulous focaccia that got me a spot in the Los Angeles Times food section back in December.

10 thoughts on “Focaccia-The Real Deal

  1. Simply amazing…I’d like to jump through the screen and grab a piece.

  2. Fabulous photos Janie! Not to mention the great baking. I love the sound of your variation too! Brava!

  3. Cut me a slice, will ya??? It’s been so hot here in the Northeast that I haven’t had the desire to put the oven on…But now you’ve forced me to get my ingredients together and bake one for my family tonight. I’ve got so many cherry tomatoes in my garden I’ve been giving them away!!! Today I’ll be using them. Thanks for the recipe. Ciao

  4. Now I am REALLY ready to take a break and eat lunch!!

  5. It’s actually like pizza and art. Looks Great. I was googling for different pizza recipes & your zucchini pizza grabbed my attention.

  6. my apologies, bread 🙂 i searched pizza

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