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July 25, 2012


This Bud’s For Me

My favorite stand at the farmers’ market is run by an older married couple. He’s Sicilian and she’s American. Their produce is lined up in little paper baskets and set on two folding tables. From week to week you can never be quite sure what will pop up on their display. Besides loving the dichotomy between this couple who has been married for years, I’m drawn to their unique selection of vegetables. It was here that the mysterious cardoon was explained to me. And have you ever seen garbanzos still on the vine? That was definitely a first for me.

This past weekend I was puzzled by the tiny green berries in their paper holders. I really didn’t have a clue and so I was thrilled when they told me that they were fresh capers! I didn’t even know that they grew around here. Of course I scooped them up and inquired as to how to treat them. What they told me couldn’t be simpler. Fill a jar with water and add salt. They didn’t give me the proportions, so I just dumped enough in to make a salty solution. Add the capers. Leave in water for about two weeks and every day turn jar over a few times.

I found this blog where there’s more information on capers. Maybe I need to plant a caper bush or two of my own. Any advice for me?


10 thoughts on “This Bud’s For Me

  1. That’s so exciting! I can’t imagine coming across something like that in the Pacific NW. Of course you are going to let us know how they turn out??

    • Denise-I will certainly let you all know how it goes. You have gorgeous mushrooms in the northwest-I’ve seen fresh porcini in the Seattle market-something we would never get down here.

  2. How interesting! I live in a city where if you can eat it, you can buy it somewhere, but I have never seen these before.

    Thanks for posting!

  3. Great post Janie! I absolutely love capers…. Can we look forward to a caper-inspired recipe sometime soon? Hope so. x

  4. a new ingredient for me, anything is delicious fresh! I’m making my way to Italy in a month or so (for work)…any tips? Heading into Rome…

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