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July 24, 2012


Always In My Heart

It’s been a little over two months since I left Lucca. I think about being there each and every day. I suppose you could say that I left my heart there. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

During my two week stay I was up on the wall every morning before I even had that first cappuccino and walked the 4 km around the centro. Of course I was happy to get my daily exercise, but it was more than that. It was my time alone with the city, peering down onto its empty streets.

These photos were all taken on my morning sojourns. For the most part I saw the same few people every day. There were two guys who ran together-one of them always clad in plaid bermuda shorts. Another woman on a bicycle was out there pedaling around town. A few days a group of five runners passed me more than once on my walk on the wall. My favorite was an older woman with a little bonnet on her head who always smiled and made of point of saying buon giorno to me.

It was easy to imagine myself living in Lucca and becoming a regular up on the wall. It’s good to dream, isn’t it?


12 thoughts on “Always In My Heart

  1. What a dream to be able to walk on the wall EVERY morning. I hope to do it again soon. Something about Lucca that captures one heart. I love it!

    • Denise-now that I am home it does seem like a dream that I really did it! I know I will be back there in the spring, if not before then and until that time I hold on to my memories.

  2. Dear Janie! You know already how well I get all this…. Is it destined to remain a dream for you? I wonder what’s your big picture for Italy. It means so much. It’s hard to live with your heart left behind. O and gorgeous photos!
    From one who knows! x

  3. Anch’io. Che bella. Per avere un sogno e’ di vivere la tua vita al massimo. Per vivere suo sogno e’ perfino meglio. Un giorno ti lo vivrai. Il cuore mio vive in Italia, con un grande parte a Lucca. (Scusa la grammatica. Come vanno tue lezioni di italiano? Il mio sono dificile…congiutivi, condizionale e roba” come questi.)

  4. Lovely, lovely Lucca! Will I see you there in October?

    • Debra-yes, lUcca is so lovely. I will always remember the tour around town that you gave me when we first met. Thank you for showing me all your favorite spots. As of now I will not be there in Oct., however I always hold out hope!

  5. Love the shots of Palazzo Pfanner. That is always our favorite – to gaze into the garden and wonder what it would be like to live in that lovely home….although, cleaning that house would a bear! LOL! But, I think to live in Lucca some day is a worthy goal. We are hopeful for that – that we can at least spend part of our time there each year. Thanks for letting me daydream with you this morning….

    • Susan and Wade-I too have that same dream. I have fallen for Lucca and dream if being there for a much longer period of time. We will meet for un caffe there one day and marvel at our luck to be in such a gorgeous place.

  6. It is indeed good to dream 🙂

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