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July 11, 2012


The Churches Of Lucca

The very first time that I spent a few days in Lucca I stayed in a little b & b on Piazza Sant’Agostino. This small inn (Locanda S. Agostino) was just what I needed for a weekend getaway from my stay in Arezzo.

It was the end of winter in 2008 when I rented an apartment in Arezzo with almost no hot water, no heat and no internet connection. I longed for a hot shower and some time on the computer and decided that Lucca would be the perfect town to relax, sight see and pamper myself. Upon checking in the charming innkeeper gave me the scoop on Lucca and one of the facts that I found most interesting was that there are about 100 churches in town.

On that visit I did my best to stop into every church that I passed by. Since that initial stay I’ve discovered a lot more churches, although I found many of them to be closed. I still enjoyed standing outside wondering about all the people who passed through their doors over the years.

The churches go form the grandiose to simple and everything in between. I love them all.

And perhaps my favorite, this little unassuming chiesa tucked into a back street in the neighborhood I call home.

Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl In Lucca

10 thoughts on “The Churches Of Lucca

  1. What a great project, getting to know all 100. Personally. I think you’re just the girl for the job Panini Girl!

  2. When it is stifling hot out in summer or early fall, I love to go into the coolness of the churches, and light a candle for someone close to me. It is calming – and cooling! – all at the same time.

  3. So much fabulous architecture and craftsmanship has gone into churches over the centuries, they are a great repository of fine work.

  4. Love these beautiful images!

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