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July 3, 2012


Che Ora È?

There are so many beautiful things to admire while walking down almost any street in Italy. I never wear a watch and don’t always carry a phone when I’m in Italy so I love that there are functioning clocks all over the place. (Florence)

And of course, they aren’t just run of the mill clocks, but are more like works of art. (Pistoia)

This one is in Lucca on a building in Piazza San Michele, across from the church.

Sorry this photo is a little fuzzy, nut I love this clock too much to not include it. I saw this walking around Bologna.

And right in Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore you’ll find this clock tower.

Perhaps my favorite, this ornate clock can be found under one of the porticos in Bologna’s centro.

Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl In Lucca

4 thoughts on “Che Ora È?

  1. So many beautiful ways to tell the time in a place that makes you not care what time it is! I especially liked the one in the Piazza Maggiore.

  2. Shelagh-I totally agree. I think the only time I even cared about the time was when I was waiting for my group to arrive!

  3. You are right Janie. It is a luxury to have so many beautiful time pieces dotted in with all the other beauty. And i have to agree with Shelagh. But rather tell teh time by the shadows or when the shops start to shut for lunch! Great post! xx

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