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June 20, 2012


Feed Me Focaccia

Walk down any main street in Lucca and you’re likely to find a panificio (bakery for bread) with a crowd around the counter. There were three right in the neighborhood of my apartment and I enjoyed heading there after my morning walk on the wall to try something new.

On Via Guinigi you’ll find Forno Casali which had fabulous loaves of bread too.

The above focaccia was made with cornmeal and I loved its crunchy texture. Of course the flavor of olive oil was surely apparent and I had no problem nibbling on this with a glass of wine before dinner. This came from a little place on Via Elisa-Forno Pandemonio-not too far from the wall. I also loved the panini that were piled high on the counter here.

This last one came from what is probably Lucca’s most well known spot for focaccia-Panificio Giusti located on Via S. Lucia. I seemed to always get the same surly gentleman to wait on me. I didn’t let him intimidate me though. Jus give me the focaccia-I don’t care if you smile or not!

**Don’t forget to leave me a comment before this Friday evening to be entered to win a copy of Cooking With Italian Grandmothers-you just might be the winner!**

9 thoughts on “Feed Me Focaccia

  1. Delicious, I remember when we got a slice each , it was late for a full meal and too early for dinner, if you know what I mean .. just filled the gap with a glass of vino šŸ™‚

  2. Gorgeous… particularly tomatoes and olives…is there a better combination of food in life? I don’t think so šŸ™‚

  3. Your posts frequently make me hungry. I made those chocolate cookies, by the way. Delicious.

  4. You had me at focaccia!!! LOL

  5. Cant wait to try those treasures when we go in Sept. Great Pics!

  6. alot of italians do not smile I’m sick of people saying why don’t you smile,,i’m just a serious person I’m a Italian living in KY

  7. Mmmmmm che buona, Janie! The non-smiler is a challenge. Thing is, sometimes the better the bar or panificio the fewer smiles. Take it on as a challenge for September cara!

  8. Always room for a little bite….and so many choices in Lucca!

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