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June 10, 2012


The Porticos Of Bologna

Bologna really is the city of porticos. There’s roughly 38 kilometers of them (about 23 miles) covering walkways around the city. I took full advantage of them on a rainy Sunday afternoon as I spent about four hours exploring the city, only putting up an umbrella to cross the street.

You might think that these lovely archways were constructed to provide shelter from the weather, but in fact they were originally created to expand living quarters in what was then becoming a crowded city. Beginning in the 1100s it was mandated that existing buildings had to increase their size by adding on rooms over the walkways.

The original porticos were made of wood and there are only a few left in the city. In the 1300s the use of wood in construction was discontinued and eventually the wooden ones were replaced.

The following two photos are from the neighborhood where my hotel was located. Even these smaller three and four story colorful buildings had lovely porticos.

In other parts of the city there were some pretty splendid looking ones, like this one with a terra cotta design.

And my absolute favorite lines a beautiful street where I passed by each day on my walk home. There was no way that I could walk through here without looking up to enjoy the artistry. Boy, do I love Italy!

Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With-Panini-Girl In Lucca

14 thoughts on “The Porticos Of Bologna

  1. The terra cotta decoration is especially lovely. Such beautiful attention to detail.

  2. I have always loved these, and didn’t know what they were called until today!

  3. Bologna is fascinating and even a little eery with its shadowy porticos. I especially like the slightly grimy ones for some reason, 😉 Beautiful post Janie.

  4. I loved the porticos of Bologna. It is a very charming city that more people should visit.

  5. Janie!!! How long will you be there? We fly in to Bologna Friday, then off to Bagni for one night, then San Gimi Medieval festival then back to Bagni for several weeks, etc etc….

  6. Thanks for sharing. It always amazes me how many different designs of arches there are in Italy. Carmen E. Tartalgia

  7. Lovely photos. The porticos are so useful in the rain – or the hot summer sun! That’s so many miles of them. Did not realize there were that many.

  8. Those last two are also my favorite portici!

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