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June 8, 2012


One Amazing Bite

I can’t believe that I forgot about these delectable little bites that I tucked away in my suitcase when I left Lucca. Yes, upon my return home I unpacked them and put them away in the kitchen cupboard but they got shoved to the back where I couldn’t see them.

Today we made a pilgrimage to a well known Italian deli in the OC (Orange County north of the San Diego area) to stock up on supplies (Italian pasta, prosciutto, cheese and salumi) and on the way home I remembered about i rusticini. I picked them up in a Lucca rosticceria (shop selling prepared foods) on a whim. I had already purchased something for dinner and was on my way out of the shop when I spied a basket on top of the counter stuffed with these small brown bags. I grabbed one, thought it looked interesting, put down two euros and walked out.

That evening I opened a bottle of red wine from the hills outside of town, ripped open the bag of the unknown snack and popped one into my mouth. It was better than I had expected-a little crumbly packed with a lot of olive oil (sort of like a savory shortbread) and perfect serving with drinks. The next day I made my way back to the shop to grab a few more bags. At 1.90 euro, it was a bargain. I did share some with my Panini Girl guests, but made sure I had some to take home and here I am imagining that I’m in Lucca at sunset staring at the red tile rooftops and watching the sun go down…

Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With-Panini-Girl-In-Lucca


3 thoughts on “One Amazing Bite

  1. They sound delicious! Can you figure out how to make them? Save me one for when we see each other next year!

  2. Tradizione Toscana….well then they must be good for you too! 😉 xx

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