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June 2, 2012


Around Town Barga

Even in the rain, Barga is a town you can fall in love with. It was a drizzly afternoon when we stopped in Barga on the way down the mountain from our day on the farm. We strolled around the mostly deserted streets and checked out the beautiful views from town and explored its charming lanes.

I plan on returning here again, next time checking out a restaurant I’ve heard about-L’Altana.

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15 thoughts on “Around Town Barga

  1. Lovely post, and some wonderful photos, Panini Girl. Do you write a lot about travel? I run a weekly travel theme challenge, would love you to join in if you’re interested. xxx Ailsa

    • Ailsa-I write about food, cooking and Italy. I would love to participate so let me know what’s up!

      • Each Friday I’ve been posting a different travel theme, this week it is rhythm, last week was summer. People write their own posts about the theme, and put a link to the original post in their post, so that it shows up in the comments stream and everyone who joins in can see each others posts. It’s a lot of fun and you get to ‘meet’ some really fun people.

  2. Ciao Bella…..Sono sempre qui con la bella simpatica Signora D. Tutto bene. Barga e’ bellissima ma sara’ per un altra volta….Baci.

  3. Great photos and it looks an amazing town! Where is it near?

    • Jo-it’s north of Lucca situated up on a hill. It’s a lovely small town with a beautiful Duomo up at the top. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.

  4. loved that beautiful town, thanks for reminding me !!!

  5. Just know that the train station is NOWHERE near the town. Int he rain, don’t plan on taking a train there for a Sunday outing. We did and arrived drenched. The first two restaurants turned us away because we were so wet. We had a lovely day, though.

    • Seattle Ciclista-thanks for the scoop. I did some research about this before I left because I considered taking the train to Barga with my group and then saw that the stop was in Fornaci di Barga (I think!).

  6. Lovely town, great “hike” up to the top for the views from the Church. We had the best gelato last summer when we visited. Your pictures sure do remind us of a fun visit!

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