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May 30, 2012


Buona Sera Lucca…

Ahhh, the memories…

Get in on the cookbook give-away and leave me a message before this Friday night to be entered to win a copy of The Southern Italian Farmer’s Table.


11 thoughts on “Buona Sera Lucca…

  1. It was a glorious trip we took with you. The photos were luscious whether they be food or town squares. Would love the cookbook but would love even more to come with you next time!

  2. Wow! What an amazing sky….I hope I can see it for real one day..maybe next year…??

  3. Lucca, your blog and hopefully the cookbook. What could be more fun than that!!

  4. such a beautiful place–pics are great janie–i will return!!!

  5. Beautiful, Janie. I love this time of day. I was with friends this evening raving about Lucca and how beautiful it is…They’re Umbri! Jxx

  6. Those photos are beautiful Janie-maybe I will go someday…and enjoy everything about Lucca!

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