May 21, 2012


More FromThe Market

This was my favorite of all the shops in Bologna’s mercato area. The prepared foods were simply stunning and the shelves were lined with oils, balsamics, mostardas and more. Even though I did not have access to an oven for heating things up, the selection was too much for me to pass up and I bought a few things to eat (at room temperature) back in my room.

Why can’t I have a shop like this in my home town? Maybe my home town should be somewhere in Italy!

8 thoughts on “More FromThe Market

  1. Yes! Your hometown should be somewhere in Italy! So should mine. I discoveredyourblog a few months ago and have really enjoyed your osts and the lovely photographs. Keep ’em coming.

  2. When I see this I miss my wonderful Bologna 🙂 So happy to be returning home soon. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Hi – were you in Bologna when the earthquake happened??? Or are you already home? Hope all is well! We were in Genoa and felt it..scary stuff!

    • Our Kitchen Inventions-I was home. Coming from southern CA I know all too well about earthquakes. I can’t believe you felt it all the way in Genoa. Have you been there before? I’ve always wanted to visit there for a few days. We were lost in the harbor once-got off the autostrada by mistake and ended up right next to the shipyard!

      • Glad you are home and safe. Just looked at your post on Bologna, and hope that the bldgs are still ok. So sad the damage they showed on TV the day after…

        Third time to Genoa. We really do enjoy it. Great restaurant – Galletto al Mattone. Will do a post on it soon, so you’ll get to see all their yummy food.

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