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May 20, 2012


Are You A Fashionista?

I will readily admit that I am not what you would call a “shopper”. I tire easily and rarely go out on a shopping expedition unless there’s something specific that I need. That being said, I do enjoy window shopping, especially in a city like Bologna that has gorgeous stores. These purses just called out to me. I am huge fan of Italian leather goods and I love anything in white or red. Although I can’t see myself carrying around a purse like this, I adored these bags.

Now you have to use your imagination for the next window. I passed by this storefront numerous times as it was on the way back to my hotel. As you can tell I took this photo through the window, but even standing in front of it, it took me a few minutes to figure this out. It was a gauzy one piece deal where you stick your head through the hole in the center of the top and then there are pants attached to the top. Any takers for this avant garde outfit? I think you have to make sure you have some fabulous undergarments to carry this off!

5 thoughts on “Are You A Fashionista?

  1. Best left in the window I think that one…. I love the extravagant bags and purses in Italy. I don’t know what they were swinging in Bologna, but have you noticed how certain bag brands seem to predominate in certain Italian cities? I love my fashion I have to say and can only shop – window or otherwise – with any joy in Italy though. It’s the whole beautiful package. Even if the only thing you buy is a coffee!!! I love it. Love this post too! Jxx

  2. How did you make out during the earthquake? Have been wondering since I learned of it this morning. Hope all is well and you escaped unscathed. Love your blog! Anne

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