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May 17, 2012


The Bicycle Shop

Every time I left my hotel I passed these wooden doors. When I first arrived in Bologna it was the weekend and many of the little shops on the streets in the immediate neighborhood were closed. I assumed that there was some kind of business lurking behind these doors, but there wasn’t a sign so who knew?

Finally on Monday morning when I passed by I saw that the doors were open and noticed these bicycle tires hanging on the door.I peered inside the dark room and found it crowded with bicycles. I couldn’t see anyone inside and wondered who was working here.

Finally one afternoon as I headed back to the hotel I saw the proprietor, an elderly gentleman, checking out a client’s bike. I tried to get a closeup of him in the shop, but it was just too dark in there. I wonder how long he’s had his bicycle repair shop?

10 thoughts on “The Bicycle Shop

  1. Love this Janie. A glimpse of the real Italy. Beautiful and so true. I bet he’s been there man and boy. Jxx

  2. I love those doors wish I could have a garden gate like those doors. I wish I could walk the cobblestreets of Sicily. Please take some more pictures of doors!!! As for the bicycle shop, I’m sure he the proprieter loves what he does. 🙂 Havea fabulous weekend!

  3. As a cyclist, I can assure you that is what most of the bike shops in Italy look like, and the age of many of the proprietors. While a challenge to find bike mechanics, particularly in paesini, if you ask around, you’ll find them.

  4. Isn’t it wonderful to discover things like this? I love that you shared photos of your discovery with us! 🙂

  5. Hello Paninigirl
    I love your photo of the doors. Just back from Bologna but couldnt find this bike shop.
    I need your help. Keep the doors coming.

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