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May 15, 2012


Meet Me At The Market

The first stop on my exploratory tour of Bologna was its famous food market. Made up of individual small shops tucked into a labyrinth of medieval lanes, this area was an endless source of fascination for me. I was like a kid in a candy store and during the course of my stay in Bologna I returned to these streets over and over again. Within in minutes I wished that I was staying in an apartment so that I could go crazy shopping and get in the kitchen and cook.

The produce stands were full of the freshest spring vegetables, a few that we don’t often see at home. I don’t think you can see the whole sign up in the tomato for photo but it said “Non toccare, don’t touch, we cut your hand”. I guess they were serious! I know enough not to touch the produce in most Italian vegetable markets, as you should tell the vendor what you’d like.

Breathtaking displays of flowers. I should have bought a bunch for my room.

Bologna is famous for its handmade pastas, especially tortellini and tortelloni and you can find them in many of the shops around town. Why bother making your own when you can get them at the market?

There were all sorts of seafood for sale and I’ll admit that I didn’t recognize about half of them.

And don’t forget the meat. I spied huge roasts and gorgeous chops and spiedini (skewered meat), plump sausages and tiny guinea fowl. Don’t even get me started on all the salumi!

There’s more to come…

8 thoughts on “Meet Me At The Market

  1. I think the markets in Via Drapperie and Pescheria are the best in all of Italy. I usually stay in Hotel Drapperie so that when I open my window I look down on the gorgeous stands.

  2. The signs on the fresh pasta are hilarious Janie. “Per ingannare i mariti…” Indeed. Why would you make your own?? You captured my two favourites – carciofi ed asparagi….mmmmm. I would have been looking to rent a kitchen somewhere too. Too beautiful! Janine xx

  3. Buonissima! I haven’t been over to Bologna yet ! Now, we may do it this weekend! Super fantastico! How long is your stay in Italy going to be this time?

  4. What a great trip you’re having. Bologna is one of the best towns for food markets and it looks like you hit the motherlode

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