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May 13, 2012


Osteria Dal Manzo-Lucca

Last year on a sunny spring day I spotted a charming tree enclosed patio covered with a canopy of umbrellas and decided to stop for a bite to eat. I must admit that I’m not huge on dining out alone, but I immediately felt comfortable there and remember enjoying a delicious bowl of pasta along with a glass of red wine. The staff was gracious and accommodating even though I was on my own, unlike many restaurants back at home where even two women dining together are frequently ignored.

My recent visit to this osteria was on a cool and cloudy day and the patio was deserted so we went inside. What a pleasant surprise to find a cozy room with colorful table settings and rustic wood tables. The menu was a mix of typical Lucchese and other Italian specialties. I was initially tempted to order tordelli with ragu when I spied a luscious plate of ravioli in a simple butter and sage sauce at a neighboring table. Without hesitation I changed my mind and ordered the spinach and ricotta stuffed pasta that were melt in your mouth perfect.

Save room for dessert. All of the choices were tempting but we decided on an apple tart in a buttery crust with a nice dollop of chantilly cream and it was just the right ending to our meal-not too sweet but the perfect combination of apples and spice.

Osteria del Manzo
Via Cesare Battisti, 28


10 thoughts on “Osteria Dal Manzo-Lucca

  1. Viewing the photo of the ravioli reminded me how shockingly golden yellow egg yolks are in Italy and how they beautifully color pasta, here in the USA in order to produce such coloration sometimes I “cheat” by adding a hint of Spanish yellow food colorant, I really am turned off to anemic washed-out looking pastas, they look sad.

  2. Gian-I totally agree. When we made our pasta in Lucca it was a beautiful color. I have found some good eggs at home when I buy them at the farmers’ market-lovely orangey yolks!

  3. All in the name of research Janie!! I hope you feel better now about eating out alone. In Italy every meal is an opportunity not to be missed I say!!! Just need to keep up the walking… Janine xx

  4. OK, you will laught at this Small World instance…our hotel in Lucca, which we left earlier today, is around the corner from del Manza…..Sylvia, who makes all of those luscious cakes, is married to Andrea who we have known for years. He owns and runs Albergo San Martino where we usuallly stay…how cool is that?!?! My hubby just surprised me last week with a birthday cake that Sylvia made…yummy stuff!!

  5. Awwww…. I love your blog! I miss my country so much!!!!!

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