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May 9, 2012


Lunch On The Farm

The dining room table was all set and I knew what that meant-an amazing lunch was in our future. When I visited the farm last year I had no idea that we would be dining there. I mistakenly assumed that we would go to a restaurant after leaving the mountain. Boy was I ever happy that I was wrong. The meal that was prepared for us by Gemma (you’ve seen her making the pecorino cheese) is one that will always stand out in memory.

There she is in the kitchen (sorry about the dark photo) tossing what would be perfectly roasted potatoes. Unfortunately I do not have photos of all the food, but I will tell you what we had. First course was a beautiful platter of homemade salumi (salami and two others, whose names I’ve forgotten) served with potato bread, typical of the Garfagnana region-take a look at Sapori e Saperi (in my blogroll) today for more on the bread of this area.

Next out of the kitchen was pasta that we had seen resting in the room where the cheese had been made. Tossed with a ragu, it was melt in your mouth perfect. Was I the only one who had two helpings? Even though I knew there were other courses to come, I couldn’t help myself. It was that good.

Out came those potatoes I had spied earlier served alongside pork roast, followed by a salad. We still weren’t done. Dessert was yet to come. Remember that ricotta that was made after the pecorino? Well we were served ricotta (probably made the day before) topped with a wild blueberry sauce. I forgot to take a photo so I am sharing one from last year taken by Heather.

Are you full yet? There was a fig crostata still to come and some sort of cake that I didn’t taste. And don’t forget the espresso.

A big thank you to the family and to Heather (seated on Mario’s lap)-what an experience!

Not my best photos, but you can get the idea. Don’t you want to come along next time?


16 thoughts on “Lunch On The Farm

  1. Looks like pure joy, Janie!!! I wish i could be there with you. xoxo

    • Diana-I was just thinking of how I wish I had the time to just come up and see you. Maybe next time-John and I frequently talk about how much we loved Piemonte, Acqui Terme and of course Baur B&B. We’d love to rent an apartment in town and stay for a while. I cannot wait until your book is out!

  2. I think your photos give a great feel for the ambiance of the meal. 🙂 Nothing like a farmhouse supper… Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the pasta with ragu…that’s one of D.’s favorites. You’re motivating me to make some pasta!
    YES…would love to be there with you.

  4. YES! to answer your question:)

  5. It was darned good wasn’t it? I’m still dreaming about that ricotta with blueberry compote.

  6. It all looks delicious and your really capture the beautiful relaxed feel of a just a really lovely lunch. It looks like everyone had a great time. The pasta looks fabulous. A big-time pasta lover myself I don’t blame you at all!!! The ricotta poi…. Loving all this Janie!!! Jxx

  7. OMG! It is SO hard to stop eating when the food is so good, isn’t it?!?!?! Ricotta of my dreams….

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