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May 8, 2012


The “Go To Italy And Lose Weight” Diet

You might be curious about this diet. I’m on it and it absolutely works. There’s just one secret. In between all the food that you stop and snack on, you have to walk. When I say walk, I means for hours. So I start the day with a little pastry and then begin to walk somewhere.

Before long I come across another pasticceria and I figure that it’s still morning and I could use another cappuccino so why not have another little something to go with it?

Keep walking. There’s just so much to see. It’s not quite time for lunch, but hey, that focaccia sure looks good. I can eat that and walk at the same time.

Now it’s lunch time and how can I pass up a bowl of pasta? Carbs, don’t runners load up on them before a race? I’m not exactly running, but I am walking, everywhere.

Mid afternoon and you know what that means? Why of course-gelato. It’s a given that if you’re in Italy you are going to eat gelato just about every day (okay, every day).

This was a combination of caramel and chocolate. Hits the spot every time.

This brings me to late afternoon. Almost time for a drink and a little something savory, but once the wine starts, the urge to walk around starts slowing down. I’ll save that for another post.

Yes, I’ve lost weight during my stay here. I love this diet!

27 thoughts on “The “Go To Italy And Lose Weight” Diet

  1. Oh yes. I second that!! The famous second breakfast…I know it well. And as you know, I love to walk. A girl after my own heart! No finer diet in the world….

  2. I want to go on that diet NOW-I only wish it worked at
    home….there must be something in the water to help you shed pounds while enjoying Italy!!

    • Linda-it’s just not the same at home, that’s for sure! At home when I walk it’s “exercise”-in Italy it’s all about enjoying the sights and doesn’t even seem like exercise.

  3. That’s how we do it, we walk several miles a day when we travel!

  4. It works for me….sometimes.

    • Debra-I find a hard time walking by all the amazing food for sale in Italy. I feel like I just have to stop and buy something or I’ll be sorry when I get home!

  5. Yay for weight loss! And it is so true…my husband lost 20 lbs on our honeymoon, and I lost 5-10!

  6. Yay, that’s my kind of diet! What gorgeous food…wish I had those ravioli mmmmm
    and hurray for the weight loss…

  7. oh, and can’t wait to see what you had for dinner 🙂

  8. Love this diet! LOL! The food looks fantastic.

  9. Currently, I too am on the Walking Diet of Italy in Lucca…hope it works, cause I am eating an AWFULLY GOOD lot of food at cooking school this week…and then walking the wall…again and again…off with those calories… 🙂

    • Our Kitchen Inventions-I hope you are having the best time! I really miss Lucca, although Bologna is wonderful. Where are you eating? Are you in an apartment and cooking?

      • Lucca is now having sunny weather, but it rained on Sun a lot & Mon a little. Had dinner at Rusticanella (fabulous Tuscan grain zuppa), gelato yesterday -of course-, and lunch at cooking school every day. Too much food and fun there…In Hotel Corte degli Angeli so close to all things tasty. How is Bologna? The food there is interesting. Is Bologna vacation or clients for you?


      • Our Kitchen Inventions-I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures, especially the cooking school. Bologna is just for me! Talk about fabulous food-wow…

  10. No one believes that my husband and I don’t gain weight when we travel to Europe but you are right…it is all the walking.

  11. Sorry, but I’m just catching up with your most fabulous trip. I love the way you think – walking, eating, walking, eating. My kind of diet and the best way to see a place and enjoy all its wonderful flavors. You make me wish I were there with you.

  12. I experienced the same thing. I went to Italy, ate pizza, pasta, coffee and pastries. I also walked several miles a day, but as an avid weight lifter, I only did push-ups and crunches occasionally and went jogging in the park once or twice a week. I lost 10lbs, some muscle, especially fat in three months and my abs were looking good on a total carb and sugar diet. I wonder if the food in Europe is just healthier than the US.

  13. I just returned from Italy and I cannot believe all the carbs and dairy I are and had NO discomfort! I was walking a lot too! =)

  14. I’m Italian, and the reason tourists look around and see a startling lack of overweight people is because of the way we eat, and when we eat. For example, breakfast starts with an espresso and pastry, lunch may be un panino or a salad, and dinner a lean meat, vegetables, and plenty of carbs. Everything is fresh and never stuffed with preservatives. AND we don’t snack! Portions are small, and we don’t eat throughout the day- there are two or three meals, with plenty of walking in between, and no snacking! Because the food in Italy is so rich and flavorful, you feel satisfied eating less. Simple as that.

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