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May 6, 2012


Magic In The Mountains

We left Lucca last Monday in a slight rain for a day in the Garfagnana with the very knowledgable Heather Jarmin from Sapori e Saperi. Our destination was a farm perched near the top of a hill in this mountainous area north of Lucca. Up and up we went and as we did it was evident that at a higher elevation spring was just beginning. While down in the valley all the trees had already blossomed, up here they were just starting to bud.

The road twisted around and around and I for one was glad not to be the driver! At every turn even we were greeted with stunning views even though the weather was less than perfect. Once we started climbing we only passed one very small town that once was inhabited by bandits!

We were on our way to a farm at the end of the road where every day for a good part of the year (I can’t remember if it’s four or five months) they make pecorino cheese with the milk from their sheep. Last year when I was there they were in the process of building a barn. At the time I didn’t realize that it was being built for their sheep and what a pleasant surprise to see their animals up close and personal.

Aren’t the little ones just adorable?

And then we were there. Check back tomorrow for the rest of the story. As my good friend G. says “it’s like going to the Heidi house”.

10 thoughts on “Magic In The Mountains

  1. Those mountain shots look too beautiful to be true…

  2. Can’t wait to read more! I just love the area of the Garfagnana and am always anxious to return.

  3. That dog in the last picture looks like one of the puppies we met last year!

  4. The lunch we had will never leave my memory. Did you purchase any woolen?

    • V Girl-we had that wonderful pasta again. I did not make a purchase. The daughter forgot to go and pick up items from the artisans so there wasn’t much to buy. They have found a place where they now send their wool and there’s a process done to it to make it soft so it isn’t scratchy anymore.

  5. There is a slight breeze on your face. The heat warms your back, arms and legs. The fragrances are absorbed by your nose, mouth, and brain. The sights take you to a magical place. Think biking these roads…dream about it…do it.

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