May 5, 2012


Simply Smitten

There are more posts to come about my adventures in Lucca, but I’ve moved on to Bologna and as excited as I am to be here, I’m missing Lucca. You would think that two weeks there would be enough for me, but sadly it is not. There’s just something about this town that draws you in and holds tight to your heart strings and I’ve fallen hard and fast.

There are lovely off the beaten path streets to discover and just when you think you’ve seen then all, you’ll find yourself walking down one that you’ve never been on before. Last year I thought I knew my way around pretty well, but these past weeks I finally felt that I had made Lucca my own.

Lucca has churches around every corner and I never tire of going in to check them out, light a candle and have a moment or two of respite. One afternoon I wandered into one where a group of nuns were reciting the rosary. I stayed for a bit and then quietly crept out with memories of Catholic grammar school running through my mind.

I was lucky to be there for the festa of Santa Zita and witness the spectacle dedicated to her in this church. I’ve stopped in there various times, but last Friday evening we just happened to arrive in time for time for a mass celebrating this saint. Although we didn’t stay for more than a few minutes, it was incredible to witness the pageantry that is still practiced here to honor their patron saint.

The two apartments that I stayed in were very different but both suited my needs perfectly. The first one located across the alley from the Torre Guinigi afforded the most incredible views of the city. It was perfect for me since I’ve yet to make it to the top of the tower. What about these mountains off in the distance?

The second apartment was where the Panini Girl tour stayed was the perfect location for getting around town, yet was incredibly quiet and had great access to the wall for our morning walks. Our dining room and salone (living room) afforded us a close up view of this chiesa (church).

Yes, I’m in love with Lucca and am planning a tour for the fall so think about it and send me an e mail. We can explore, eat drink and have lots of laughs together.

Our neighborhood…



6 thoughts on “Simply Smitten

  1. Maybe the walls play a part in it.. I stayed for three weeks once, and found that I felt “lost” once outside Le Mura. And a bit captured inside, too 🙂

  2. Thank you for the photos…they made my day.

  3. I hope Bologna is as wonderful as Lucca has been for you.

  4. I can really relate to this post Janie. That turning point where you realise you actually ‘know’ a city. And that getting to know phase can go on for a lifetime if you want it to. I hope you find new wonders in Bologna to distract you just a little…;-) To be heading back in Autumn though must make it a easier… jx

  5. What beautiful photos…thanks for sharing them

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