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May 2, 2012


Il Palazzo Pfanner

I’ve been spying this building each morning on my morning walk on the wall and it took me a few days to realize that it was the Palazzo Pfanner. Just outside of Lucca there are various villas that you can visit but this one is right in the centro and was the perfect outing for a misty day.

The house itself was really quite spectacular, although there is just one floor that’s open to the public. The gardens really won me over and I can imagine whiling away an afternoon seated under a rose covered trellis reading a book.

Lemon trees heavy with fruit lined a pathway through the garden and we were almost tempted to pick a few, but seeing that we were visiting a museum we resisted. It’s quite amazing that there’s this much open space preserved in the centro of Lucca.

Palazzo Pfanner
Via degli Asili 33


25 thoughts on “Il Palazzo Pfanner

  1. Wow the statues and the fountains are lined up perfect! Love it. Italian Architecture and landscaping is beautiful!

  2. These pictures took me RIGHT there…thank you!

  3. Wow, i have never seen such beautiful gardens!

  4. Italy is beautiful through your eyed Panini Girl! I am daydreaming that I am there too…

  5. Can’t wait until you get to Calitri.

  6. Please, can you tell us who built this beautiful palazzo, and when? Does anyone live in it now?
    It must have a storied past. Cindy

    • Cindy-the palazzo was built in 1660 by the Moriconi family. They went bankrupt in 1680 and had to sell it to the Controni family who extended the building. In the mid 1800’s the Pfanner family from Bavaria acquired the building. They were brewers and set up their brewery (one of the first in Italy) there on the property. It is still owned by the Pfanner family who in 1995 starting restoring the property and opened it to visitors. I’m not sure if anyone lives in the palazzo now.

  7. THis is always one of our favorite places to visit for the gardens. Great for photos, and just sitting to catch your breath and relax..thanks for the pics.

  8. That garden is really beautiful – with lemons, and statues and fountains-oh my!!

  9. Imagine living there…. So green and serene. Beautiful post, Janie. I like seeing it in the slightly misty weather too. All the more romantic cosi! Jx

  10. Last year, I did the same as you. After spying the Palazzo Pfanner from “the wall,” I had to see it. What a lovely place, a photo op for every foot of garden space. A true treasure.

  11. Whoops…is it possible to fix my typo? 🙂

  12. I remember the gardens of this Palazzo from our walks along the wall last year – so glad you got to see the inside!

  13. One of the most lovely views from the mura. Mi piace Lucca, e’ in la coure mia.

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