April 30, 2012


Time For Cocktails

It’s cocktail hour and we just popped open the prosecco and it’s the perfect time to get out the olives that I bought at the street mercato a few days ago. They were sold at a booth featuring food from Puglia, piled high in bins next to enormous round loaves of their famous bread.

When I first walked by the vendor asked me if I wanted a taste and I politely declined. After cruisng around and checking out the other booths I returned and after spying these fabulous, large green olives I decided to take him up on his offer. One bite later and I walked away with a bagful, wishing that J. was here. He loves a good olive!

Take a look at these beauties from Norcia, the capitol of pork products. One is a classic salami while the darker one is flavored with mushrooms. We sliced them, broke out a pecorino cheese from the Garfagnana that I found here in town and we’re all set. Come on over. We’ve got plenty!


13 thoughts on “Time For Cocktails

  1. Just when I think your posts can’t get any better, I want to hop the next flight to join you. Everything looks so close to the source – you can get the person behind the food. It looks REAL. My husband and I plan to spend some time in Italy after we retire in 3 years. I plan to use your blog and use all of your finds to go on our own treasure hunt!

  2. Those olives look amazing. Very envious!

  3. I’m so jealous!!! Yumola!

  4. Too bad I can’t change my flight from Thursday to NOW!!!

    • Our Kitchen Inventions-you’ll be here soon enough and the weather looks good for your arrival. It’s pouring now. If you are at all interested in the wines of Tuscany you should go to the Anteprima taking place both days this weekend. It’s a wonderful opportunity to sample wines from all over Tuscany. We did it last year and it was amazing.

  5. What a delicious way to start a meal…or…a meal in itself… I’m w/ J. on the olive parade too…those look delicious!

  6. Ok next time I am in Lucca making sure to stay in town for the market. Can taste those olives. Are they as good as the ones we purchased in Florence? What kind of wine went with? What a treat you are to your travelers.

    • V Girl-the olives were equally as good as those from the mercato. At home I buy castelnuovo olives from Sicily and these (from Puglia) were very similar. We had some Prosecco before moving on to a local red.

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