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April 29, 2012


Out And About

The weather has changed again and after a sunny, hot (about 80 degrees) and slightly muggy Saturday, today it is raining. I’ll share some pictures I took in the past few days when the sun was shining.

I’m not sure if that’s wisteria wrapped around that tall pine tree, but whatever it is , it’s beautiful.

This lovely little chiesa (church) is tucked away on a back alley in the neighborhood.

And the ever wonderful wall.

More later we’re off to Sunday lunch.

13 thoughts on “Out And About

  1. Super photos!! I love the yellow peeping out from the arch. Enjoy your lunch! Jx

  2. It is wisteria. Did you get close enough to smell it?

  3. great pictures janie—-can’t wait to hear about lunch

  4. Photo of the year! Wow!

  5. Janie – I hope you have a week as wonderful as ours last year!

    • Patti-it’s been a great week so far, but the weather is sort of lousy. At this very moment it is pouring! I’m waiting for Alessandra to show up for our cooking class this evening.

  6. Alcune delle nostre strade preferiti Lucca …..e la mura.

  7. Since we so enjoy your blog, we’ve nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award over at Our Kitchen Inventions. Thanks for the Lucca pictures!


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