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April 28, 2012


Panini Love

You knew it had to happen. I had my eyes open from the moment I got to town for the truck selling porchetta. Imagine my thrill when I walked around a corner and there was the porchetta man. Of course I was hungry and even if I hadn’t been, I was still going to buy a porchetta panino. It was tremendous and I must admit that it’s always a little too fatty and a bit too salty but I want it anyway. I piled all the meat onto one half of the roll and went at it.

In honor of my sister S. I had this mortadella and arugula panino for breakfast the next day. Wish you were here S.! Next year?

My group is here, some missing luggage, but we’ll make do. Stay tuned for all of our adventures.

12 thoughts on “Panini Love

  1. Enjoy. Wondered when I would see a post about porchetta. Looks yummy.

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that’s all I have to say.

  3. DROOLING! Every day! Porchetta did me in!

  4. Just seeing one of those porchetta vans puts me in a good mood! Already looking forward to your next culinary adventure. Keep posting and keeping having fun!!! Jxx

  5. It’s still raining here but my spirit is in sunnier Italy eating porchetta …….x

  6. I will be in lucca in sept. Where can I find those techs with the porchetti?

    • Cigale-the porchetta truck was a mobile thing that comes and goes.I have seen porchetta for sale in other shops, but no one actually making panini. Of course you could buy some of the great bread and make your own!

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