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April 27, 2012


Good Morning Lucca!

I’ve been walking on the historic wall that surrounds Lucca’s centro at some point every day, usually in the late morning or in the afternoon. This morning, after getting a slow start every other day this week, I was up and out the door and headed for the wall at 7 am. The walkway and the view it affords is always something to behold, but the early morning views are something else. There are runners who will pass you by a few times as you walk around and maybe as many walkers, but no bikers yet and it so so very peaceful.

The morning light casts a gentle glow on the buildings.

I like to imagine who inhabited them in years gone by. What kind of lives did they lead?

And there it is-my breakfast of choice-a cappuccino and this delectable pastry filled with the creamiest of chocolate and topped with what else? A hazelnut!

12 thoughts on “Good Morning Lucca!

  1. Thanks for sharing your photos of your morning walk in Lucca, and I love the look of your breakfast of choice. Hazelnuts would have to be one of my favourites šŸ™‚

  2. Absolutely my favourite thing too Janie. An early walk in that beautiful light followed by breakfast at a bar somewhere and the smells of the coffe and pastry. Your post is the next best thing though…;-) Buona giornata!!

  3. Yum Looking at your pics and feeling i am there. Thanks for the virtual holiday. Baci. Cugina, C.

  4. Our blogs are twins! Food and Italy – always a hit. Nice to discover your site.

  5. A beautiful morning – chocolate, hazelnut and views!

  6. Beautiful! What a gorgeous tree lined street. And you and hazelnuts are almost synonymous to me šŸ™‚ Enjoy

  7. great pics and yummy breakfast!

  8. Your breakfast looks divine!

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