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April 26, 2012


La Festa Di Santa Zita

While Pistoia was a sleepy town with one little band marching around the deserted streets, Lucca was a bee hive of activity! The streets were packed and I mean shoulder to shoulder with young and old, moms pushing strollers and little ones on bicycles. It sort of reminded me of the type of crowds I normally equate with Venice. Since it was a giorno festivo (holiday) I attribute the crowds to the Santa Zita celebration more than Liberation Day.

Lucca’s Anfiteatro was turned into a virtual wonderland of plants and flowers of all varieties as this holiday is celebrated with a giant garden show. It was really quite spectacular and made me wish that I had a garden (and a house…) here to tend to.

I’m not sure what this bush was, although it reminded me of a magnolia. I want one.

And if you’ve ever seen my tiny backyard at home you know that I am a fool for any and all types of lavender.

Of course there were various types of citrus trees already bearing fruit. I was fascinated by this one. I’m not even sure what it is. It resembles a lemon but is pear shaped.

Plump strawberries almost ready for the picking.

Every sort of herb you might wish for-including some that I wasn’t familiar with.

And last, but certainly not least, tomato plants for 40 centesimi, about 52 cents each!


21 thoughts on “La Festa Di Santa Zita

  1. Your photos are just gorgeous. I love Lucca. My husband and I really fell for one another there, we bought our rings there as well 🙂 We really want to return one day.

  2. Well it did all end well….! I’ve seen the amphitheatre in Lucca just the once but I can imagine the wonderful transformation. And I Iike your little aside about wanting a garden and a house to look after. I know how I go slightly overboard at the markets in Italy even though I have a micro kitchen and only myself to feed sometimes! Jxx

  3. love waking up to your post. What luck a garden show. The bush you admire is a magnolia. Sometimes referred to as a tulip or saucer magnolia. Formal name magnolia soulangeana. L & D have one in their front yard. One of my favorite plants. Cannot think of the name of the citrus. Looks cool.

  4. Looks like Spring is there in full force – I have never seen the Anfiteatro in “bloom” with all of the beautiful flowers, so thank you for the images.

  5. I too enjoy waking up to your posts…am vicariously enjoying Italy through you!
    Can’t wait for more food stuff 🙂 (although I love plants too)

  6. We were there this morning. Did you see then peonies the size of dinner plates?

  7. It is so lovely to tour vicariously with you! Beautiful plants–amazing prices for tomatoes. I’m with you on being crazy for lavender. 🙂

  8. Your photos of all those plants in flower have brought colour into my very grey and wet week here in rain soaked Blighty!! Bx

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