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April 25, 2012


Know Your Holidays

I should have known better. I am aware that next Tuesday May 1 is a holiday all over Europe and most shops will be closed, but I forgot that today April 25 is Liberation Day and a major holiday celebrating the liberation of Italy by the Allies from Nazi Germany. It honors all who died in the war from troops to civilians, but especially the Italian resistance fighters.

At any rate without remembering this I hopped on a train to Pistoia hoping to do a little shopping in their wonderful food shops in the Piazza della Sala. I missed the train I had originally wanted to take this morning and considered walking back into Lucca, but I figured that since I was already at the station I should just wait the 45 minutes for the next train.

I should have gone with my instinct and gone home. When I arrived in Pistoia it seemed very, very quiet. Usually there’s a massive street mercato on Wednesday and I didn’t see a single booth set up. When I got to the Piazza della Sala every shop was shut tight. I wandered over to the tourist information office to inquire as to what was going on and then found out about Liberation Day. I wondered why I didn’t remember it from last year (I was in Arezzo on this date), and then I realized that last year Liberation Day fell on Pasquetta (the day after Easter) which is also holiday!

After wandering around I got the train back to town only to discover a small mercato with food from other provinces set up just inside the wall to the city. All was not lost.


27 thoughts on “Know Your Holidays

  1. Really enjoying your Italy posts!! I can imagine doing something similar. I was in Italy this time last year too. It’s a tricky time. But the need to eat wonderful food surpasses everything, right? Meno male! Take care. Jx

  2. Look at all that lovely cheese. We were in Europe one year during the holiday when every thing was closed. We were right near the German border so we crossed over to do a little shopping. Naturally, it is not a holiday there.

  3. You should’ve come again to Arezzo! Today there is a wonderful 3 day art expo! Everything is open!

    (By the way, just discovered your blog from your postings about Arezzo. You gave lovely descriptions of so many places. My husband and I and our four year old daughter, Lulu, moved here last July and we love it too!
    Perhaps you’ll come visit before you head back across the pond!)

    Kindly, Gina London

    • Gina-I love Arezzo! I think it would be the perfect place to live for a while. Have you moved there permanently? I wish I could get down there this week, but I just don’t have enough time.I would love to take a group to Arezzo.

  4. Great pics – and happy Liberation Day!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. There is absolutely nothing going on in Bagni di Lucca today. Nobody is around at all. I thought there might have been a little march or something, but no!

  6. Oh, I just would love to shop at that market. Looks divine!

  7. What a neat market…glad you found it. No matter what…holiday or not, you are in ITALY … ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Enjoying your posts from Italy. You mentioned thinking about walking from Pistoia to Lucca, how far is that and is there a path to walk on? I don’t know if I would have thought about doing something like that but a walk enjoying the countryside would be enjoyable.

    • Ice Tea For Me-oh no! I wasn’t thinking of walking-it’s over an hour on the train, but I did enjoy the train ride. The countryside outside of Lucca would be perfect for a walk though.

  9. From the looks of that delicious cheese, I would have to agree- all was not lost!

  10. Lucky you. Just last night I was reading about the Lucca market. I wish I was there with you. So wonderful to be able to travel with you through this blog. What did you buy at the market?

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